Cool Summer Campout

You can’t beat a camping weekend of warm sun and cool temperatures (rare for a Virginia August). This was my second solo trip and believe me, I made sure I checked out the electrical, water, sink drain and lantern before my husband, Rich, left the campsite this time. You might remember from an earlier post that on my first solo trip, let’s say, “I had issues.”

My goal for this camping trip? Back the trailer onto the campsite, unhitch and set up everything all by myself (with Rich there to help out if needed).  It was pretty funny, me trying to back up. I still don’t get it. Rich sat on the picnic table, waiting patiently for me to do it all on my own. He wasn’t going to intervene, unless I really needed help (I think). The other men however, who were setting up for their wives and families, felt compelled to come to my rescue.  There were two of them trying to teach me how to hold the steering wheel at the bottom. “Right goes right and left goes left,” they said. All the while wondering why my husband was just sitting there watching. I finally did it. I think next time I’ll get a pull-through spot.

My other goals? Relax from a hectic work week, paint a lamp for the camper, try some new recipes and fix the curtain hooks so the curtains would stop falling down.

Relax? Did that…in fact, I fell asleep the first night with the door unlocked, lights on, clothes on and slept through the night. I was exhausted! I also relaxed by the pool with my friend from work who stopped by to check things out the next day.

I’m the type of person who always has a project going…or two or three and so on. This project, repainting a lamp, has been in the works since around April and finally I had a chance to get it done. That’s another reason I like camping…uninterrupted time to work on projects!

The food, oh the food! The recipes from my last post…were delicious…and easy! I had overnight oatmeal with coconut milk, berries and nuts for breakfast (I’ve had that every morning since the trip). For lunch and dinner? I made chicken in the crockpot: chicken hummus wraps for lunch and chicken tacos with lime, chips and salsa for dinner (Yum).

The rest of the trip? Fixed the curtain hooks. The woman who owned the camper before me did a nice job updating it, but she used the wrong glue for the curtain hooks, so I scraped, sanded, re-glued and re-strung the curtains. They’re good as new!

Women (and girls), If you’re wondering if you would enjoy camping? Go ahead, try it! Make it into whatever you want it to be and enjoy yourself! That’s what I do.


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